In marketing automation, any idea that can attract a visitor to increase the target audience is a noble idea. A lead page is the entry point in marketing automation tools to capture leads for categorization in the database. Using food theme as templates for lead pages landing page sounds weird but will meet the goal of the marketing automation tool – to subscribe to newsletters and Email campaigns.

Who hates food? “we eat to live” hence a lead page with a beautiful food photograph raises your adrenaline to increase your appetite. It creates an impression of a positive attitude to the web page of the site. Any theme that will allow a visitor to move a step further and subscribe to newsletters or email campaigns is the best option. In today’s digital marketing solution, somehow most people are becoming familiar with the marketing tools and tend to ignore to avoid having numerous Emails which are just newsletters and Email campaigns, that is why most software developers opt to use a food theme even if the site has no relation with food. They serve the following purposes

Completes a sales process

The overall aim of a lead page is to guide a visitor to the main site to familiarize with the products and finally complete a sale. Yes, the food theme is a perfect photograph to lead a visitor to have a feel of the products, he may not at that particular time buy, but it creates awareness of the benefits of the product through constant Email campaigns now that the contact is in the database, it will lead to a sale. You may also not underrate his/her influence on the web.

Acts as a lead generator

Any marketing automation solution needs a tool to capture email addresses and contact details. The lead pages help in this. The food theme is attractive and entices a web visitor to enroll by filling in the contact details hence having a database of various Email addresses.

Communicates upcoming events

Once you have the Email address then communication of other future events and Email campaigns is a walk in the park. In one way, he/she may be interested in at least some of the products or even refer a friend or a relative to the site increasing Email contacts.

Advertises other products

When the website is integrated with social media platforms, a random sharing function helps to advertise the product, which further improves sales of the products.

A Customer Relationship Management tool

Capturing leads enhances client/customer relationship. What happens when a customer shows interest in the product? Gedlynk compares Instapage and Leadpages. Theses tools send a notification for further action like Auto Responders or linked to the blog, a content marketing toolkits or templates for Leadpages landing page. This helps to enhance the relationship with clients.

The use of food theme is a stepping-stone to allow visitors to take a step of faith and have a feel of what the marketing tools( or websites have to offer. It is the beginning of a sales process and future communication of other events. You can use it for all products irrespective of whether it is a food company or not.