Cooking is a basic activity within a home. In is even better when you employ some creative art skills to ensure the meal are tasty and delicious. The mixing of ingredients and passing them through a source of heat needs some experience to maintain the nutritive value of the meals. At least you know some basic cooking skills, cooking methods, and the use of different kinds cooking tools. The most basic cooking tools include knives, chopping boards, cooking spoons, cooking pots and serving spoons. No need for complicated tools like portable benchtop drill press or Rikon 10-305 Bandsaw for cooking.

Each cooking tool serves a specific purpose in the cooking process that ends during serving and eating. Always strive to use healthy cooking methods to reduce your weight and aim at building muscle mass. Some of the cooking methods include baking, frying, roasting, smoking and drying. Some fruits and vegetables are better eaten when raw for the body to directly absorb the vitamins and amino acids.


Most of the time ingredients need to be cut in small pieces to fit in the cooking pots and also allow easy absorption of healthy oils for them to cook quickly and faster. A sharp knife is ideal for this purpose. In addition, let the knife be rust-free; stainless steel is a renowned material for this.

Chopping boards

You need a surface to place the ingredients while cutting the ingredients. Plastic and metallic wooden boards are the most common types of chopping boards. Health experts recommend a frequent change of the wooden boards because they are more prone to rotting when in contact with water than the plastic ones.

Cooking spoons

Once you have cut your ingredients and place them in a cooking pot; you need to stir them for proper mixing with the oils to get a delicious meal. Wooden cooking spoons are the best because they are poor conductors of heat and do not scratch the metallic cooking pots, which leads to scratching of the base of the cooking pots.

Cooking pots

Cooking pots are the main cooking tools that are exposed to the heat to complete the cooking process. Ensure you purchase heavy and durable cooking pots, which can sustain the heat while in a cooker. In addition, always clean your pots immediately after use to increase their durability.


Once your meal is well cooked, it is ready to serve. Invest in spoons of different sizes to cater for different food quantities. You can serve in hot pots or bowls for self-service at the table.

Utensils are cooking tools in the kitchen. Depending on your budget and your desire, you can have many cooking utensils to cater for various recipes and cooking methods. The source of heat is also important based on the availability of the source of energy. Electricity and gas define the source of energy for modern kitchen, charcoal and wood fuel, though used since time immemorial they still find space in the contemporary society. Roasting and smoking are better using charcoal and wood pellets. Your income, location, and level of technology determine the type of cooking tools to have in your kitchen.