There are a plethora of advertisements and marketing campaigns for the best types of dog food. Every single dog food manufacturer claims that their product is the best. Regardless of the campaigns, advertisements and such, the most important thing you have to focus on when looking for the best dog food is the nutritional value your beloved pet will get from it, in my dog’s case, he loved the gluc.


There are several choices you can make when it comes to different dog foods. The moist, canned food is usually the one that tastes the best. It can last long in a sealed can, depending on the manufacturer, and is easily digestible. However, this is, perhaps, the most expensive type of dog food you can find. Your other choice would be dry food. This type of food is noticeably cheaper and has one big advantage. That advantage is concerned with the fact that it prevents your dog from developing plaque build-up on his/her teeth. A major drawback of dry food is that it can cause storage issues. It can quickly become stale and lose much of its nutritional value. Not only this, but it can also get quickly infested with ants and other insects and vermin.


The Importance of Nutrition

Whatever your choice might be, nutrition is the key. The right amount of nutrition will keep your dog happy, energetic, and, most importantly, healthy. This is why you should make sure you feed your dog with the right food. One of the foods that your dog can take is pineapple. With this pine, surely it will give your dog the right nutrition. To find out what that right food is, you should, first and foremost, consult with your veterinarian, as well as do some research. To help you with the latter part. we have prepared a small list of some foods that might be quite good for your dog.

  1. Canned food

As mentioned above, this type of food is also known as moist, or wet food. This was actually the first commercial type of dog food on the market. Canned dog food is, basically, a combination of unwanted parts of animals, that are processed together and then canned. This type of food is attractive to dogs because its taste reminds of fresh meat. However, the majority of dog owners do not like to feed their dogs with canned food too much, simply because they need to be extra careful and make sure their dogs consume the food as soon as the can is opened. If there is any food left to stay for at least 24 hours, or more, that food will most certainly spoil and get bad. Also, keep in mind that canned food is usually the most expensive type.

  1. Kibble

Probably the most popular type of dog food, Kibble usually comes packaged in bags. The main advantage of kibble is that it can last for a very long time, before spoiling. You might find this highly convenient because it will allow you to buy a large bag of food, that will last your dog for months, without fearing it could go bad. Another benefit o kibble is that your dog can chew it very easily, and thus, protect his/her teeth.

  1. Raw Food

Last, but not least, there is raw food. This food consists of raw bones and meat. The theory behind raw dog food is that it reminds them of the meat of wild animals they would have hunted if they were in the wilderness. Raw food is the richest when it comes to the nutrients, but can also be pretty expensive because dogs can sometimes eat even more fresh meat than humans.