If you are the kind of person who likes to take food making to the next level and loves to cook in the outdoors, grilled foods just might be your thing. From fruit and vegetables to fish, chicken, and beef, man has grilled his food since the beginning of time. In the past, grilling methods were a bit unsophisticated and did not yield the best results. However, these days, thanks to the modern grilling methods and grilles, you can enjoy grilling as a hobby or a sport, and make all kinds of best and tasty grilled foods. Check 2017’s top wood pellet grills for much better taste of your grilled foods and to give you insights of modern smokers.. If you are not quite sure as to which ones to make, we will try to help you by offering some suggestions.

Seared Chicken Thighs or Leg Quarters

You can make this mouthwatering dish by smearing the meat with chopped rosemary, a paste of garlic, grilled lemon juice, olive oil, or thyme, in order to add that tasty flavor. Once you’ve done that, crisp the dish briefly over strong fire and grill away from the heat.

The Six-Minute Steak

This tasty grilled dish is made by pouring salt over the skirt steak and quickly grilling it. For additional taste, you can top the dish with thinly sliced red onion, queso fresco, or add grilled lime juice.

Crisp Duck

This dish is made by taking duck breasts and scoring the skin off of them, followed by pressing pepper, salt and rosemary leaves into both of their sides. Once you’ve finished this, Grill the breasts on their skin-side, over a somewhat lower fire, until they appear crackly. Then, turn the breasts and grill them briefly. To add a touch of fruit, you can serve the dish with grilled orange halves.

Mideast Lamb Chops

What is a grill without some lamb meat? The answer is, not much. This amazing dish is best made from shoulder cuts because they are the cheapest and, definitely, tastiest. When grilling these, make sure not to burn them. You have a wide choice of marinating options, from lemon and mint to yogurt and cardamom. For an additional flavor, you can add parsley and lemon.


Midwest Pork Chops

You cannot have a good barbecue without good lamb meat. That also applies to pork meat, as well. Pork has been the mainstay of every barbecue for ages. This particular dish is also best made from shoulders. As with lamb chops, make sure you grill it over a light fire and not burn it. To spice it up, you can marinate it with apple cider, chopped garlic or spicy mustard.

Even though meat is the highlight of every barbecue, you can always add some grilled vegetables and fruits, in order to add new and exotic tastes.

Spice-Rubbed Carrots

Peel the carrots and roll them in brown sugar, pepper, salt, and cumin. Once finished, char the carrots and then move them away from the fire and cover the grill until they are tender.

Grilled Guacamole

Take a couple of avocados, halve them and pit them. Then char them on light fire and remove the flesh. You can also grill halved red onion, as well. For more flavor, chop and add some garlic, tomatoes, lime, or some other spices you like.


Grilled Mango

Take a ripe mango, peel it and thickly slice it. Use neutral oil to brush it and grill, until the fruit is softened. Spice it up by sprinkling it with lime or mint juice, or cilantro.